About Cape Coast Cathedral

The Lighthouse Chapel International (LCI), Lion of Judah Cathedral with its headquarters at the LCI, Qodesh ,Accra, started in 1994 from the N.T.C at Bakano,Cape Coast.


This little seed has grown over the years giving birth to other branches and Pastors. The church recently moved into its new premises at North Ola, a beautiful facility which also serves as the Youth Training Center for the Leadership International movement, where young people are raised and nurtured for leadership.


The Church currently runs four services concurrently on Sundays for the different ages,I-Church (a day old - 3 years), K-Church (4 years - 6 years), J-Church (7 years - 11 years), Y- Church (12 years - 18 years) and the Adult Church.A Sunday at the cathedral brings a feeling of life and vibrancy among these Christians from all walks of life who have found a beautiful home at the Lighthouse Chapel International.


Our city-wide network of Bussells (our cell system) creates fellowship, love and care among the members where they live, and creates an engine for evangelism and individual participation, placing every member into the true service of the Lord.